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Want to hold a quiz event but can't find a quiz master?
Want a fun evening?
Inside the M25 - North of the Thames?
Questions, Questions, Questions!
The answer is…


Call Andrew on 01438 717671
or e-mail quizmaster@uwclub.net

Andrew has been a professional quizmaster since 1988 and knows how to put the fizz in fund-raising or corporate quiz nights! Check out costs and if you are in Andrew's travelling range.

What's the answer?

Call Andrew and ask him a question for a change!

You can join in Andrew's trivia quizzes at the following pubs:

Wednesdays: 8.30 pm
The Galley Hall Hailey SG13 7NY 01992 462906

Fortnightly on Sundays: 8.00 pm (General Knowledge and Pop Quiz)
The Crown Aston End SG2 7HD 01438 880060
Check dates on Facebook: @crownastonend

Second Thursday of each month: 9.00 pm (Pop Quiz)
George IV Baldock SG7 6LZ 01462 892367

Last Thursday of each month: 9.00 pm (Pop Quiz)
The Old Barge Hertford SG14 1QD 01992 581871